Our Values


We believe that education is the cornerstone of scientific excellence, and that by being better teachers we become better learners in turn. Education is an ongoing process involving continuous mentorship, learning from one another, and expanding the field of chemistry through outreach.


We recognize that the chemistry community often fails to be a place in which all people, regardless of social identity, are supported in scientific research. We believe in building a diverse community rooted in equity, free of systemic barriers, where all feel comfortable and secure.


We believe in fostering a community that recognizes the mental, emotional, and physical challenges faced by people of all backgrounds and supports the well-being of its members. We strive for a community where people are able to care for themselves and others, both in and out of the lab.

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Mission Statement

To reshape the field of synthetic chemistry by training and educating the next generation of researchers through our discoveries and embracing diverse perspectives in how we solve problems.